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Christmas Decorating ideas for 2015

See what is trending this year by A B Interiors

Christmas Decorating Trends 2015

170030-638x850-Silver-and-Gold-Christmas-Tree Candy Tree Christmas-Trees-Decorated-Living-Room christmas_wreath_gold_cream_silver_wreaths_poly_mesh_wreaths_1361_b58334cb grey-christmas-tree-final christmas_7_tree_decorating_ideasChristmas Decorating Trends for 2015 are:

Blue, Silver and White, mainly bubbles with birds in white.

Natural Christmas with jute, hessian, birds and wooden ornaments, including twigs and washed wood.  Keep it very neutral.

Candy stripes with red, green and white, with ornaments in shape of lollies, round bullseyes and candy canes

Metal, with  any 3 combinations, silver, gold, bronze, champagne, rose gold, may include white and black to offset the metals.

Bunnings have a good selection of lights, and now come in 1000 led lights for $99.  Very bright  led.

Make sure you decorate the home in the same colours as your Christmas tree, and flow it onto the dinner table.  Always good to set the table just like you would for guests.. This always makes a good impression and adds to the festive feeling.

Merry Christmas!!!