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Colour Therapy - 1

Colour Therapy-1

color-wheelIs there psychology to colour?  Is it a scientific fact, that colour changes the way we feel and behave?  It can be said that colour does inspire and it does have meaning in our lives.

When using colour in the home environment, we all have our own personal choice. Particular colour choice though can help towards providing a specific “feeling” for a space.

Colour has been used as a therapeutic tool for thousands of years.  Today many of the traditional uses of colour for healing have changed little.  The original practices have created a firm foundation for new ideas and applications of colour in the quest for health and well being.

You may ask how does this work?  Well we associate certain colours back to our environment. For instance, blue, gives us a sense of sky, oceans, water.  Green gives us a sense of greenery, forest, and grass.  Brown, also gives us a sense of earth. Because we do identify colour with our environment we then was to recreate that feeling with colour within our homes.

We are also connected with colour through association and our bodies respond to this association. Colour is also a cultural association, so different cultures will respond differently to the same colour.

Colour is also light and the energy of light.  Light impulses do not go just to the visual cortex in the brain.  Some nerves go from the retina directly to the hypothalamus, a small organ that regulates most of the life-sustaining functions of the body, such as control of the nervous system, energy levels, internal temperature, breathing and emotions.  So you see colour can influence you without your knowing.

Commercial applications of logos and the colours the companies choose for their logo, reflect how they want you to feel about their company.  Banks, often use colours of gold, purples and reds give a feel of richness or royalty These colours also give a sense of important.

A quick run down on how colours affect us.

Red- Emotional- it means love, vitality, passion, and danger.  – Physical- it increase blood pressure, increases respiratory rate and aids digestion.  Behavioural – is means aggressive, sensuous, impulsive, and extreme.

Orange- Emotional- it means, active, boldness, vigour. Physical – Decreases irritability and improves social behaviour. Behavioural – it means active, social, pleasure seeking.

Yellow- Emotional- it means optimism, cheer, wisdom, warmth. Physical – Increases irritability, aids digestion, sharpens memory and stimulates appetite. Behavioural – it means caution, innovation, introspection, discrimination.