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Colour Therapy - 2

continuation on how colour changes our lives.

Colour Therapy 2

Color-Theory_WebContinuation of Colour Therapy 1.  Previously we talked about how colour therapy affects our lives, by giving us emotional feelings when we see colour.  Colour is one of the strongest senses, next to smell.

Green- Emotional- provides us with growth, envy, inexperience, birth and refreshment. Physical – rejuvenation and balance. Behavioural – Moderation, tradition, quietly social.

Blue- Emotional- serenity, peace, sadness, loyalty, justice, sincerity. Physical – lowers blood pressure, slows respiratory rate, cooling and relaxing. Behavioural – conceptual, dogmatic, responsible, loyal, rigid, conservative, authoritative.

Violet – Emotional – royalty, quietness, supremacy. Physical – lowers blood pressure, depresses appetite, quietens overactive glands and organs. Behavioural – elegance, spiritual, reverence, creativity, lateral thinking.

Pink – Emotional- emotional, guarded. Physical – weakens muscles, stimulates sweet tooth. Behavioural – gentle, friendly, protective, indulged.

I will run through the neutrals in my next blog.  In the meantime, think about how you are feeling and if you want to change that feeling, see how colour changes your mood.  Human Resource manages can help influence staff moods by providing areas with different colours so to keep up either energy or positive thinking or even creativity.  Colour is so important in our lives that everyone can do with a little colour energy now and then.