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Colour Therapy - 3

Children's room colour change up to 4-5 times before they reach adulthood

Colour Therapy- 3

colour therapyContinuation of Colour Therapy – 2 Colour can change how you feel in a room.  By placing the right colour choices we unconsciously respond to them.

Brown- Emotional- earthiness, natural, tranquil, bored, safe Physical – encompassed, dull Behavioural – homespun, reliable

White- Emotional- joy, hope, innocence, cleanliness Physical – purity, enlightenment Behavioural- individualism, indecision, optimism

Grey – Emotional – steady, stable, dignity, protected Physical – sad, fatigue Behavioural- disciplined, compromise, guarded

Black – Emotional – mourning, mystery, fright, elegant, dignity, sophisticated Physical – mourning, fatigue Behavioural – worldly, stunning, powerful, aloof, dignified

These colours are only a sample of how they make us feel.  If you have a room that doesn’t feel right, then maybe a change of colour, and it’s therapy can help.

Just because you have already applied colour therapy to your life or room, it doesn’t stay that colour always.  Our lives change so does the need for colour therapy will change.  As children get older, their rooms will also need to change with the change in their behavioural, attitude as they grow.  If fact a child’s room may change up to 4-5 times before they reach adulthood.