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Colour Trends 2014

Colour Trends 2014

Colour Trend 1.Colourful destinations such as India, Africa and Morocco inspire the image and imagination of The Digital Nomad.

A global fusion of tribal reflections resulting from clashing cultures and resulting in contrast colours that form digital patterns and eclectic interiors. The Digital Nomad creates a style where traditional boundaries are no longer defined and nothing is off limits.  No longer to you have to be true to one type of home decor.  Mix old with new, but give a twist.  Nan’s vase will still work with you modern décor.  Take risks, with old furniture, tart it up with paint.

 Colour Trend 2. Use The Precious Elementals instinctively respect and value our earth’s natural resources, elements and geometric forms.

 Mineral and metal colours with modernise pastels and soft greys, while patinas and raw finishes reflect nature’s weathering effects; add softness with warm grey and colours. 

 Colour Trend 3.The Retro Visionaries know this world would not look the same without retrospective design, Industrial design is here, and just go with it.  Add warmth with rugs and feature walls.

Influenced by styles of the late 20th century, and still being shaped by icons of the 50s and 30s. The Retro Visionaries vision is quirky, colourful and energetic. But stick to items that are timeless and still recur.

Colour Trend 4. Romanticising decorative periods of history, and by incorporate nostalgia and past items into their technologically-dominated world.

They are attracted to modern design that reveals elements of romance from simple embellishments or trimmings resembling calligraphy strokes, to skilfully turned timber forms with a modern twist. Finishes that capture history such as patinas and worn looks are favoured to contrast against moody colour.

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