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Christmas decorating

Learn to theme your christmas decorating

Decorate for the festive Holidays

How to decorate for the festive holidays, is easy when you know how to achieve a uniform look.  Come up with a theme and run with it.  Metallic  are big again this year, with bronze showing up.

Decorate everything from the tree to the dinner table in the same theme.  This will truly get your guests in the festive mood.  Don’t forget the lights and some Christmas cd’s,  and soon you will be ready for singing carols and decking the halls.

Only thing left to think about is the meal.  With so many fantastic recipes out there, pace yourself.  A good idea is to entertain friends so you can try out a couple of new ideas in the food department.  I like to have some festive biscuits or cakes on hand for morning and afternoon tea so when people rock up you have the something a little bit special.