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Decorating is cheap and easy with these ideas


Decorating with glassesDecorating can cost a fortune, but if you are savvy enough look in your cupboards.  Yes in your cupboards!!! You will be surprise to see you have what you need for decorating.  Get out those wine glasses you don’t use unless it is a special occasion.  Martini Glasses, and parfait Glasses.  Use your imagination and add things like candles or decorating stones or even flowers.  Group them together until you like what you have.  Candles and stones are cheap and easy to add decoration to your home.

Candlesticks, everyone has them, group them together for a romantic display.  If you don’t have enough just group what you have and add candles onto saucers or butter plates.  If you have a nice tray you can also use that to arrange them on.  If you are worried about getting wax on the tray cover it with a thin layer of sand.  Teatree oil will get the wax off you glasses also.

Ribbons are another way of adding to you arrangement.  The $2 shops have ribbons for around two dollars for 3 metres. Again use silvers, whites or if you want to add colour do it here. If you want it to look more organic, add green.  Moss or leaves.  If you don’t have any nice glasses then what about decorating with glass jars.  When you finish with a jar, soak the label off and clean it ready for a candle.  Change you arrangement on a regular basis.  It will revive the look and keep your room interesting.  A table should always be dressed in someway.  Add a runner or an arrangement.  Add warmth to your room.  If you have a dark table and you really want to lighten it up, add a runner or make one.  Easy to do and takes no time at all.  Go through leftover material, for approx. 1400 width and around 40cm wide that is all you need. If you have nice glass vases that are interesting in shape you can use these without adding anything.  Have fun with your decorating.!!!

Candles and glasses



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