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If you’ve ever thought about working with an interior designer, some doubts might have stopped you cold. Here I will answer some of the most asked questions.

Q: Having an Interior Designer sounds expensive, what will it cost?

A: In fact having an interior Designer will actually save you money. They can cut through all the options and offer the best at your budget. There are different services so depending on your budget, you can choose the service that fits. At A B Interiors, after the initial phone call I can give you a price for either, a Detailed Consultation, which includes a full report on all the items discussed as well as furniture pricing, and quotes on other services. A Quick Consultation covers those that just want guidance and colour choices for their projects during the consultation. You do however get a short summery on-site of colour choices and samples if available.

Detailed Consultation costs for an internal and external colour $220.00+ GST

Combine internal and external colour $360.00 + GST

Detailed Consultation for New Home, Renos, Commerical, Retail, Finishes and fittings and Design Consultation $590 + GST for up to 3 hrs

Quick Consultation $210 + GST for up to 90 mins

Q: I fear I will get stuck with a room I don’t like?

A: A good Interior Designer listens to her clients, works with them, and their likes. Working with a designer can save you money in many situations by allocating resources wisely, eliminating decorating mistakes, and increasing creative thinking about your project.

A B Interiors has many clients that are repeat clients, because we work with the client, after all it is your home. If you are renovating to sell, we can also show you which ideas will help you sell faster, or will add value to your home.

Q: What will I need for my first appointment?

Prepare yourself – Decide on a budget. Collect colour swatches you like. Have pictures to illustrate what you like and what you don’t like. Think about the furniture pieces you hope to keep. Listen to all ideas, but never go against your heart.

Communicate with your Designer – Listen. Talk. Listen. That’s it in a nutshell. The designer will tell you, your concept of the project, and be frank about your budget limitations (everyone has them).

Q: How can I be sure of costs?

A: Make sure you’re very clear on exactly how you’ll be charged, when your designer needs deposits, how you’ll be billed, what you get, and when the work should be complete. Will you be charged for phone calls, shopping trips, or in-home consultations? Are purchases marked up or discounted?

Each designer has a different way of working and various fee structures, whether a flat fee, hourly fee, or percentage of purchases. Even if you don’t want to spend a fortune, there are many ways to use a designer on very tight budget. Start small if you wish, using a designer for a short time on an hourly basis for a specific project.

At A B Interiors you are usually charged by the job, ie Detailed Consultation, Design Consultation, or a Quick Consultation. If you just want curtains, or soft furnishings, there may be a cost for sourcing the furnishings, but is refunded if you proceed with the quote. Also at A B Interiors if you are having a full report done than quotes will be included in the cost. A B Interiors will let you know which service best suits your needs.

Q: Which consult is right for me?

A: In Detailed Consultation, and full report, will give you everything A B Interiors has discussed with you, during your consultation. The report will also give you options or quotes for things like curtains, furniture. If you have chosen paint colours then you will also receive a paint selection form, which you can give to your painter. If you are having tiles there will be a tile selection form also. If you are having a design for a kitchen, bathroom, then scaled drawings maybe included. Space planning you will receive 2 options for placement of furniture. If you are building a new home then this consultation is the one for you, because it will have all your finishes on spreadsheet to make it easier for your builder.

A Quick Consultation is just that. It is usually for those who just want advice on colour choices. It might be for just an external colour scheme, or an internal colour scheme. A summary of your choices will be hand written with colour swatches if available at the time of consultation. This Consultation will take approx. 1hour to complete.

A Design Consultation is for, if you want your wardrobe designed, a piece of furniture, Home office, or custom built furniture. If you are already getting a Detailed Consultation then this design quote and consultation will be also included in that service.

Q. Will items cost more going through an Interior Designer?

A: At A B Interiors, Anita buys directly from the suppliers and passing on the savings to you. Most things will be cheaper than Retail.