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Hampton Style Coastal Casual Living

How to create Hampton style in your home

Hampton Style

Hamptons style is defined by casual, relaxed beach living but done in a classic, timeless, and very sophisticated way. The look is light and breezy, with discreet window treatments in natural and blues tones.

Hampton Style, really suits Queensland weather, in a tropical climate the thought of light colours in blues for calming and fresh feel is what you need on those hot humid days.  How practical is the colour scheme???? If you have children and pets, you may have to be a bit more careful and select a dark blue for the sofa or black.  In doing this you will need to add light colours in cushions  and with feature chairs or single sofa chairs.  White furniture can help create that light feel.

In Hampton Style Wooden floors are a must, in Hampton Style, as with all that white and light furniture you will need something to add warmth to the palette.  Colours that are mostly used, are various tones of blues, naturals, whites, occasional black like light fixtures and cabinet handles.

Rugs can vary into the geometric/art deco look, traditional and stripe look.  You can add coastal feel with shells and coral but unless you are near the coast this may seem out of place.  Go for classic ginger jars, candle holders and greenery.  Art work can vary as well, coastal, abstract, floral, and fauna.  It is really up to you, as long as you tell the story.

Hampton style, is easily achieved by following these few rules.



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