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Into House Rules

Into House Rules


House rules on channel 7  will soon be upon us, inspiring DIY’s everywhere to pick up a hammer.  But stop and think first!!!

You don’t see all that goes on in House Rules, so careful planning is essential.



Rule 1, Don’t over capitalise on your renovation.  Sometimes this can be hard not to do, as everyone wants their dream house with all the extras.

Rule 2,  Be sensible and practical about it.  Don’t put a pool in just because you have always wanted one and your wanted to live in a hot climate instead of the cold climate you live in.  A outdoor spa maybe more practical for you situation.

Rule 3,  Look on the internet for rough costs for pools and kitchens and do your homework.  Know exactly what you want before you start, and know what is going to cost you.

Rule 4,  Don’t change the plans along the way, always a big, big no, no, unless it is absolutely necessary as changes will always cause problems further down the track as it was not planned for.

Rule 5,  Get good advise and know what you can do and who you need to do work for you.  Talk to family and friends and get referrals for tradies if possible.

Remember if House Rules on channel 7 stirs something inside of you but you don’t know where to start look at hiring an interior designer.  That way you have a clear plan and it will make your renovation less stressful and easier, and cost effective. see renovations for more information.