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Interior Design

An Interior Designer can save you time, money and takes the stress out of Building

Interior Design

Hi everyone,  thinking of building a new home, renovating or updating that room.  I can’t stress how many times I have heard people say that when they are renovating or building it is one of the most stressful things they did in their life.  Today we have so many options, colours, selections, and styles it can be very confusing and takes so much of your time.  A B Interiors will take that stress away, because we are able to guide you into the right decisions that are right for you and for your vision.  A B Interiors can very easily take your ideas and make the a reality.

It is so  important to have someone by your side to help you  make the right decision.  They are by your side as your voice of reason, by showing you the pro’s and con’s of any selection or finish you would like to use.  This way you make an informed choice and not just wing it, which could cost you time, money and heart ache.

So you think an Interior Designer will cost you a lot of money.  It depends on the service you need, but most times a selection report is all you need to get all the finishes and colours for your new home decided on, which gives you the foundation of your design.  And yes it will cost you, but it will cost more to your to either make the wrong selection or time running around looking for the items you require.

At A B Interiors, Anita has 20 years industry experience, in tiles, kitchens, storage solutions, and colour.   Can you imagine getting all the details of your new home or renovation done in a matter of hours not days.

At A B Interiors you can also get advice on the telephone if a problem occurs, which is a service that is provided with your selection report, if anything you have selected and for some reason is not available.

A B Interiors clients have found this invaluable.  Also the Selection report is a document you can keep and in years to come, if you can’t remember the colour of the paint on the walls and you want to repaint or touch up, it is there in your report.A B Interiors Dining boardA B Interiors board1211HOMES-renovation-tips-625image15