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Interior Designer: why should you employ one

Interior Designer: why should you employ one



Simply it saves you time and money by getting it right first time. Also the designer is working with you giving you independent advice if you choose an independent designer. Many independent designers work with wholesalers and can pass the savings on to the client. This means you never have to pay retail prices again, and this can add up to a lot of dollars, also independent designers can choose from a variety of suppliers for the one job, giving you the best possible price and options.

Also let’s face it, there a million different combinations you can have in colour and products. A good designer can give you information on different finishes, the pros and the cons. This way you can make an informed decision when renovating, because remember company consultants only want to sell you their products.

What is an independent designer?

One who works for themselves and they are not part of any company providing only their products.

What to look for in a designer?

Some-one whom is on the same wave length as you. If possible see some of their work. Find out if they have qualifications and experience to do the job. And find out what you will receive from them as part of the consultation.

Now you have chosen a designer, what next?

It is helpful if you can make up a scrapbook or keep anything that you would like to show the designer. This will also save time. It is funny but a lot of people don’t know why they like something, but they know if they don’t like something, whether it is colour, texture, or design.

Things to take into consideration?

You may have some furniture, artwork, or some furnishing that will not be replaced. These things have to be considered when redecorating. All these things help provide the designer with the big picture.

More and more people are finding the benefits of employing an Interior Designer, and it’s not as expensive as you would think.

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