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Art Deco Anyone?

Art Deco Anyone?

Art Deco was a popular international design movement from 1925 until 1939, affecting the decorative arts such as architecture, interior design, and industrial design, as well as the visual arts such as fashion, painting, graphic arts and film.

It was all about the glamour, but was really a new and exiting new era, when plastics was being introduced.  Plastics gave this era, new and different options for decorating.  It was also cheaper to produce, thus the industrial age came upon us.

You might think that industrial look is new but it fact it is from the 1920’s.  It embraces the warehouse look, so fashionable at the moment.  It is a about time the boys had something to feel passionate about when decorating their homes or rooms.

I like the Art Deco look because it’s core  design is timeless.  It has so many looks within the Art Deco look.  Modernism, Cubism, are all looks of the modern age.  Simple, but strikingly sharp angles and gently curves, pretty much the shape of women’s body.  Women had newfound self confidence in this era as the war had ended, and many women found their ways into factories and doing the work that the men would do.  This gave the option for women to be able to earn money for herself, and not to rely on a husband.

The film industry also made a huge entrance into the era, thus makeup and theatrical look of the women of that age was big.  Set design also set the look of things to come. A lot of the films were in black and white so many more textures were used in the interiors, to make an impact on the audiences.

Something about the era, gives the illusion of sleekness and fluid and sexy curves.  Just look at the Chrysler building, absolutely stunning, possibly never built like that again, as it would cost a fortune to replicate it.  The exquisite workmanship on the building is truly a marvel in itself.

Colours for the era, they were blacks, whites and ivories of course with hints of gold, chrome, pale pink, ice blue, turquoise, and pale mint green.

Metals were used extensively in the interiors, it was all about adding soft with hard finishes.  Classic with modern looks, but always glamorise with mirrors, feathers, birds, and shells.