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New Furniture

New Furniture

Need new furniture, but not sure what to get.  A trouble spot, and just can’t find the right piece.  Don’t waste time going from furniture store to furniture store. A B Interiors can source the right piece of new furniture, at the right price.  A B Interiors has many suppliers that supply the Australian market for new furniture.  A B Interiors can also usually get the new furniture at a great price, as she works with the suppliers to get wholesale prices.  Many Brisbane retail shops have the same new furniture, A B Interiors also supplies new furniture from interstate that may have something you haven’t seen in Brisbane.  A B Interior is always on the look out for new and exciting new furniture so your interiors can be up to date and in some instances ahead of the rest.

New Furniture can bring an old room back to life by lifting the room by colour, or by repositioning some of the furniture.   A new look is easy with A B Interiors.  A B Interiors will also work with any of your old furniture and interior selections that you want to keep.

The one thing about new furniture is to look at what you are getting. Do you have to put the furniture together?  Will it fit?  Will it work in my room?  What are the options or colours in comes in?  You may not always get all these answers when visiting a showroom.  A lounge suite is often the wrong size for the room, as sofa’s can vary in depth, height and length.

A B Interiors can guide you in the right direction for what to look for when buying new furniture, or perhaps you want to purchase new furniture from A B Interiors that will provide you with the furniture put together if applicable and delivered to your door. see new furniture for more info