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How to create an environment that your employees will love

Office Makeovers

If you feel like you’re having a “case of the Mondays” all week, every week, it may be time to evaluate your professional environment and preform an office makeover. Changes in your own logos and business should also reflect a change in surroundings.  It should evolve as the business does. Things that you should look at is privacy, colour and nature.  All these elements will help boost productivity.

Privacy; can mean an area that  they can call their own with screens and permanent desk.  Sharing a desk is not ideal, but make work for some if they are not at the office on a regular basis.

Colour; I have spoken about colour previously and it is important to have the right colour to help reduce stress, improve creativity and team work.  You can use colour in paintings, furnishings or just paint.

Nature; Bringing nature into your office through views, wooden finishes or pot plants.  If you can’t image a view then a visual representation of nature increases our creativity and was also show to increase productivity in the Hallam & Knight Study.  Artwork is a great way to do this.  When people need to just chill out they can focus on paintings, and this will lower their blood pressure and reduce stress.

If you particularly want the office to look a certain way you can offer props and artefacts to decorate their space.  This in turn does two things.  Helps new comers to feel like part of the team and also gives them a bond with the office ethos and commitment to their productivity.

A B Interiors can create the perfect Office makeover, through colour, design, furniture through to artwork.