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Property Development

New home buyers need to feel emotionally connected to the home before buying. Use colour and design to achieve this with A B Interiors

property dev1Capturing the heart and imagination of a new homebuyer is essential for a speedy sale but it’s not easy. In any market or economy, expectations are always high.

What if you could guarantee your Brisbane property development stands out for all the right reasons?

A successful, profitable, development takes tonnes of time and skill. As a new or seasoned professional property builder or developer you might assume that a professional interior design service will only add time and expense to your build.

The truth is that having new homebuyers fall in love with your property doesn’t take time or a big budget. It takes a smart interior designer.

Turn A B interiors design savvy into your secret sales weapon.

As a professional builder and developer you just don’t have the time to spend fiddling around with co-ordinating tiles and paint colours. Going with whatever your supplier’s suggests might seem like the obvious time saver, you’ve always done it that way – and it’s free. Which is good – right?

But it means your property is at a high risk of ending up just like Joe’s down the road with average ideas and less than stylish looks, losing the potential to evoke a buyer’s emotional sales response.

A B Interiors can give you a designer look development without a budget blow out. How? Because we know where you should spend a little and where you can save a lot.

Give us your building allowances, budget and your preferred suppliers and we’ll design a fresh, practical interior and exterior that homebuyers will be unable to fault or fail to fall in love with.

Interior design services for profitable property development

prop dev2We provide you with a schedule with every item’s size, colour, code, supplier and placement detail documented. The schedule arms you with everything you need for a streamlined ordering process, saving you time and money on site. Optional finishes boards can be created so your potential buyers can get excited about their home, and take emotional ownership before they buy and long before it’s finished.

Let us create a customised services bundle to suit to your scope and budget so you can get on with other important decisions knowing the interior design of your project is in professional hands.

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