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Find the time to Renovate

Renovate but time poor

Would you like to renovate but don’t have the time, even to plan the renovation.  A B Interiors can manage you renovation for you.  What I do is organise quotes pass them onto you for your approval and organise the trades to come in and do their thing.

Firstly you need a plan, and a budget.  We can get rough quotes in to see if the project will come in on your budget.  I can give you a rough idea on costs for your renovation.  Decide what you want to do and then we sign an agreement.  You have total control of the project, just that A B Interiors helps you get the project done, as quickly as possible and guide you all the way.

Usually project management will cost  25% of the project size, but it can be negotiated depending on the size of the project.  I also have a list of suppliers and trades that I know are reliable and work well with their clients, but again that is up to you who you would like to employ to do the work.

Each week I will keep you up to date with what is happening and who is coming.  I can also let them in and supervise their work, so it any problems come up they are fixed up quickly, so time is not wasted.

This sort of work gives you peace of mind and is less stressful for you as the client.

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