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Small Bathrooms

Small Bathrooms design

I get asked how to make a small  bathroom bigger all the time.  So how to deal with a small bathroom, is relatively easy by keeping it simple.  Try to keep the tiles all one shade, lighter is better.  This way there is no definition of the walls and the floors.  It also helps if your small bathroom is designed well, keeping all the things you need in the right spot.

If you are starting from scratch, take a piece of paper and draw your bathroom to scale.  Next on graph paper draw your items like vanity, toilet and shower to the same scale.  Cut out the items and using blue tack place the items in the bathroom so there is enough space to move around the items.  Keep in mind vanity drawers and cupboard doors need to open.

When looking for the items to put into a small bathroom, take a measuring tape with you.  Toilets if possible go for compact version, or a in wall cistern if possible.  This will free up some space.  Also if you go for a wall hung vanity and toilet pan will also make a difference.  Because you can see under the these items makes the room look larger.

A mirror is very important in a small bathroom, go for the largest without looking out of place.  Most importantly remember to leave room for the towel racks, I can’t stress this enough!!! So many times I have seen designs that have nowhere for the towel racks.  If space is a premium look at a towel ladder.  Doesn’t always let the towels dry but does save space.  I tell my clients to hang towels over the shower screen til dry then move to the ladder, if necessary.

mirrored sink vanityLuxury-Art-Deco-Bathroom-Designs-by-Olga-Vavilova