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when selling freshen things up by adding accessories that work with your home and your market you are selling to

Styling Accessories

I have just been involved with a friend who is Selling up.  Very important to style your home to your market and freshen things up, adding styling accessories is easy.  Sometimes it is just a matter of moving a couple of items into other rooms.  For instance, one bedroom didn’t have a proper bedsides and was the hand me downs look.  You know we all have one.  Anyway, my friend had a  wash stand in another room that just look great next to the bed.  We added a new shade as the other one was dark and we needed white.  Changed the linen on the bed so it was fresh, white works best, borrowed a throw and a cushion to match, and voila, a fresh look.

If you have a character house and you are aiming at the younger generation, try  pops of colour on traditional items.  New art work with colour and work with that.  If you have no idea or just hopeless with colour  A B Interiors can put it all together for you.  A  B Interiors now have accessories packs that can be sent out.  Makes it easy you don’t even have to think about it.  Best if you can keep the one colour that flows throughout the home.