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If your need further convincing here are a couple of testimonials from our clients.

Anita gave us a comprehensive report, stating everything we talked about, so we didn’t forget anything, giving us a sound plan for our renovation. We found the service second to none, and the cost a good investment. If we had any questions Anita was happy to help

Toni, Kenmore

Anita created a transformation of my newly built home. Her work was refreshing and vibrant and she provided the magic needed to make the home look amazing. It sold the second week it was on the market – no doubt due to her talent decorating which everyone thought was superb. I still get calls asking who the designer was.

Thanks so much.

Donna, Taringa

My Penthouse was empty and didn’t show its full potential. Installing the rental furniture had a positive impact, and it wasn’t long before we had a contract.

Richard, St Lucia

All your hints and tips have all worked beautifully. Working with you has been a dream and you have made such a difference to our home.

Deborah, Bellbowrie

I often tell her I can never thank her enough for all she has done for us, and I frequently and without hesitation recommend her interior design services to other friends. Yet in putting pen to paper, I’ve found it so very difficult to do her justice: to capture what is so unique about her service, and why I regard her so very highly.

Before I met Anita, I held many misconceptions about interior designers — essentially that they were an unaffordable. ‘Why would I ever want one? I don’t want to buy someone else’s style!’ have become my famous last words. We met Anita by good fortune when another small project (recovering a lounge) we undertook with another designer went pear-shaped. Through her actions in making good someone else’s mistake, she showed me the value of having a competent, caring professional on board from the outset. It can save you the cost of a very expensive mistake.

Since then, Anita has consulted on two further projects: a major kitchen remodel, bathroom, and ensuite renovations. The challenge in these renovations arose, I believe from the original design of our house. Far from being poorly conceived, it was quite clever in its use of space — being originally designed by an architect. Thus, we posed the seemingly impossible, because what we essentially asked of Anita was to improve really well-designed, highly functional areas.

She did it. And she exceeded our expectations, as she did it. I can’t thank her enough for our smart bathrooms, and our beautiful kitchen which is an absolute joy to use, and her faultless, professional support from the beginning to the end of these projects.

Dr Alison, Kenmore