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Who's afraid of dark colours

Dark colours can improve your home, by adding drama, and creating interesting features.

Who’s afraid of the dark colours

Who’s afraid of the dark? I am talking about dark colours.  Some people shy away fearing it will make their room look dark.  Yes it does but in dramatic effects!!!! Look at the pictures closely and you can see how dark colours warm up the rooms and make them more inviting.

Dark Colours are best when used in feature walls, but you must be conscious of the room size.  Let me explain.  In a long narrow room never use the dark colour on the longest wall but on the short end and furthest from your view, so it will make the wall come closer and make the room look more proportion.  Some times the best place for a feature wall is in the entry, and creates an inviting feel to the house, very important if selling your home.  People will make up their minds as soon as they walk into your home if they are going to like it or not.


Dark Colours can look great in Formal dining and lounges, or if you want to enhance an architectural feature, like a fireplace, or anywhere you want to create feature to draw the eye to that feature and show off your home to it’s full extent.

You don’t really need to be afraid of the dark, it only takes a can of paint and a week-end to transform your house into a home.Gas-Fireplace-Design-With-Contemporary-Sofa-Design