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Winter Warmers

Warm your home with these winter warmers and fireplaces

Winter Warmers

52 375_hz54_room 40679 375_hz54_roomNow that it is winter, it is time to think about the winter warmers for you home.  Although we are in Brisbane we can still get cold nights and early morning chills.  A fireplace is great for creating the ambience and warming up your home.  There are a few options, with either wood burning or Gas.  Wood by far heats up the best and is cheap to run.  Down side is you have to cut the wood and it can take a little bit of time to start the fire.  I would usually recommend go with the enclosed type that are highly efficient and have a fan so as to blow the warm air throughout your home.  Now they have the type that can start with gas, and then burn wood, which is great if you don’t want sit there and baby sit the fire.

If you don’t want to add the gas to start the fire, then build your fire at night and turn it down before going to bed.  Then in the morning you just poke the embers and get it going low until you need the fire in the evening.  This works very well.  The down side is you can get a bit of ash through the home and you do need to clean out the ash from time to time, which if you have asthmatics in your family, is probably not going to work for you.

Gas fireplace is a lot cleaner, but can still give off a gas that can effect asthmatics, and the gas fire is not efficient as the wood burner for heating the home.  You will have to weight up all the pros and cons for your particular situation.

Another Winter Warmer, is to add rugs to your home, throws to your sofas and beds.  Add warm colours in cushions to make your home feel like it is warmer.  Let the sunshine in during the day to warm the house if you have windows facing North to North East.  This warmth is absolutely free to get from the sun.

Another option I have come across is called a SAMS.  This little gadget works both ways, as it will cool your home in Summer and warm it in Winter.  How it works is it runs on Solar power and uses the roof space to warm your home by pushing the air from your roof space through a filter and back into your rooms.  It cools by expelling the hot air in the roof space and in the rooms via the vents in Summer.  It has a thermostat so it knows if you want to cool or heat.